About Us

In the words of Manule Vasquez Montalbn and author obsessed with good food “The seduction of food is it’s anticipation.”

Yet how can we talk about the sizzle of garlic and onion the smell of basil and thyme, the consistency of homemade pasta the crunch of vegetables in batter. Our goal as chefs and Giotto_new1lovers of the art of cooking is to remain faithful to the flavor of memory that senatorial homeland of childhood where the final temptation of the taste was formed.

It wasn’t anything anywhere we met many years ago and made our first steps into the evocative world of a haute cuisine And although we are now far from the enchantment of Tuscan countryside we hope nevertheless to entice you with our simple culinary creation here in New Jersey.

This restaurant is called Giotto after a great Tuscan  painter who valued above all else artistry of simplicity in the appreciation of the home. The name, creativity and skillful preparation of each dish will hopefully go and prolong the pleasure of feeding body and soul weather experiencing our food with close friends or by yourself.

Luca & Robert.