Osteria Giotto comes in at No. 6 on a top 10 of vacation highlights of Sports Illustrated senior writer Peter King.
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Walk past Osteria Giotto most afternoons, and the enticing aromas wafting from the kitchens evoke chef Luca Valerin’s native Italy. But even after eight years of concocting savory fragrances here, Valerin, who turns 42 this month, is most viscerally transported by those from his mother’s stove, like the scent of her soffritto, the sautéed, chopped carrots, celery and other aromatics at the foundation of many a classic dish. Read More NJ Monthly

Can you predict how good your dinner will be by the olives served? I think so. The second these beauties touched my tongue I knew dinner was going to be great. Read more manoavino